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2023 Platform Recap

Emily Bevan

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2023 platform Recap

2023 marked a monumental year for Room 58, as we strengthened our position at the forefront of innovation in the powersports arena.

In 2023, we accelerated our platforms and added to our suite of digital marketing solutions. Last year, our website platform solidified itself as a leader in digital transformation in the Powersports industry, setting new standards for how dealerships connect with their customers and streamline their operations. We have even bigger plans for 2024!

In 2023, Room 58's in-house development team created more than 1.5 million lines of code and completed 46 releases containing a combination of new features and product enhancements. 

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Check out just some of the releases from 2023:

mCRM & mCRM Comms

2023 was the year we launched our very own CRM!

Morillian CRM (mCRM) can be viewed across all devices and integrates with our dealer websites from one admin panel. The intuitive interface and the comprehensive BI dashboard allow our customers to track the dealership's performance anywhere, anytime. Our customers can configure teams, set up permissions and tailor the fields and actions to fit their business needs perfectly.

Following the successful release of our CRM, we added our CRM comms platform, enabling our dealers to communicate directly with their customers from within the CRM and website admin panel.

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Enhanced Inventory CTA's

We understand the importance of lead generation for our Powersports dealer network, and we are continuously adding to our platform to increase good-quality lead generation. Our dealers could already configure their inventory and showroom CTA's from within our intuitive admin panel, allowing them to tailor and adapt as their business offerings change. 

In 2023, we took this one step further and added more flexibility in CTA management; this included a vast number of changes; here are just a few:

  • Scrolling CTA bar on VDPs
  • Pop-up forms from a CTA
  • CTA's specific to individual conditions, brands, product types and even models
  • Visitor saved bikes and wishlist functionality 
  • Advertisement images added to all units with one click with parameters for condition and type

Showroom Redesign

The showroom is a huge part of our Powersports dealer websites, and in 2023, we redesigned the section with lead generation and rich content in mind. The new design moves CTA's up to the customers' first contact point and allows these lead generation tools to follow the customer on their scroll through the page. 

We've added new feature areas which allow customers to learn even more about the models, removing any need to visit the brand websites. The new design brings a modern approach to an essential site area whilst maintaining customer favourites such as 360's and tank/model colours. 

Website Form Redesign

We often use A/B testing before rolling out significant changes to the platform, and 2023 was no exception. One of the more subtle changes we made was our form redesign. 

We tried out a couple of different designs across multiple regions to see which design delivered the best results, and from this, in 2023, we launched a new form design that increased our dealer's lead completion by 35%! 

Google Vehicle Listings

In 2023, Google opened integrations for Google Vehicle Listings. This is an important new feature for our Powersports dealers to utilise, and unlike many of the other providers in the market, we were excited to be able to offer this exciting new integration first and free of charge!

OpenAI Integration

Our Dealer Website Platform now boasts a ground-breaking AI Content Generation feature designed to transform how our Powersports dealers engage with their customers online. 

Seamless Integration and exceptional Content are built into our website platform. Our dealer network can now generate custom content for the website's landing pages, events, promotions and more using the power of AI! With AI-driven content creation, our dealers can maintain an updated website effortlessly keeping their online presence fresh and engaging.

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Technical enhancements

Each year, we release new and exciting features like those listed above and take the time to ensure our platform is operating above and beyond for SEO and site security.

In 2023, we also enhanced the following technical areas to ensure that the bits that customers and dealers see are running as smoothly as the bits they don't!

  • SEO and Sitemap Improvements
  • GA4 Support 
  • A new VIN Decoder was added
  • Inventory Management - Restoring Deleted Vehicles

In 2023, our in-house development team grew, and because of the incredible work they do we achieved:

  • 100% uptime
  • 16% lead increase year on year
  • Three million+ requests to our websites per day

Room 58's 2023 journey has been nothing short of remarkable

With many new and enhanced features, from our own CRM to intuitive CTA management and showroom redesigns, we've once again significantly increased the online presence of Powersports dealerships. Our in-house development team's dedication to excellence is evident in the remarkable increase in lead generation and the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology like OpenAI. 

As we reflect on a year of unparalleled uptime and a substantial increase in daily website requests, we look forward to 2024 with the promise of continuing to drive success and exceed expectations in the digital arena for our clients.

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