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Creating engaging experiences for global brands.

Room 58 began as a full service agency, and our passion for creativity still sits at the forefront of everything we do today. From full scale video productions, to explainer animations, branding and more, our team continue to play an integral part in assisting brands across the globe. 

In addition to this, our creative team also feeds into our own technology and ensures that the platforms we develop are intuitive, future-proof and meet the needs of our users and clients.

A brand is more than a logo.

The brand you create for your business will determine how customers perceive your company from the outset. A brand is much more than just your logo, and will help differentiate you from your competitors. 

At Room 58, we truly get to know you and your business. Once we are familiar with your company, our creative team will begin working with you to create a brand that puts you to the very top of the market.

Keeping you at the forefront of the digital landscape.

UX and UI Consultancy.

By combining intuitive design with extensive research, we create simplistic and effective user journeys for your staff and customers. 

The subtle ways in which we use colour, typography and graphics help to create seamless visual styles, that are on brand and are truly representative across all of your platforms.

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Videography and photography.

Our goal is to produce content that seamlessly connects you with your customers, and portrays your brand in a desirable light. We offer a full consultation package, from storyboarding & script writing, all the way through to filming and post-production.

We can cater for studio & location filming, animations, infographics, explainer movies, the list is endless. Our in-house green screen facility is also a great space to utilise for more creative pieces, without breaking your budget.

Good photography is also essential to a strong brand and a powerful digital presence. Our team here at Room 58 have a wealth of experience when it comes to digital photography, having shot a wide range of product, portrait, landscape and interior photography for numerous clients over the years.

No matter what your photography or video needs may be, we'll be sure to deliver outstanding results for both you and your brand.

Green Screen Studio.

We continually invest in creative technology that allows us to innovate and work with companies all over the world. This has enabled us to position film and multimedia firmly at the core of our creative offerings. We house the latest 4K video, audio and photographic equipment that can be utilised both in our multimedia suite or on location, and can quote based on your requirements.

Our creative team are available to assist you with every step of your production.

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