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Financial Compliance Platform.

An online tool that traffics, tracks and monitors the financial
 promotions approvals process from start to finish.

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An online tool to facilitate a robust, efficient and compliant approvals process.

Financial Compliance Platform is a fully automated approvals tool, with configurable workflows and easy-to-view dashboards to check the progress of your financial promotion at a glance. Create a job and have it reviewed, amended or approved using a simple process within an intuitive system. Tracking is easy with our synchronised version control, and importantly, the tool provides a clear audit trail, so you can track changes and have confidence in the approvals process.

The Financial Compliance Platform gives you complete assurance that your financial promotions meet the exacting standards of the regulators. The solution can be used for multiple assets including press, digital, web, TV and radio financial promotions as well as printed marketing collateral.  The solution offers improved efficiency, brand and individual protection as well as a structured and accessible method of creating, approving and archiving financial promotions.

Pipeline and asset management.

Designed with time and efficiency in mind, you can view and update all live assets at a glance. Stay in control and review the jobs in the system, who they are currently with and where they sit against SLA’s - all in one dashboard. Consistent naming conventions, in-built notifications and business intelligence remove the need for confusing and often lengthy email trails.

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Compare and annotate.

The system allows you to quickly and easily compare one version to another. Bring the versions side by side and use the zoom and scroll functions so ensure that all the necessary changes have been made. Not only does the feature work for still, but you can also watch videos and tv adverts side by side. Never has comparing versions been easier.

The approvals process has never been simpler.

  • Select any part of the image, video or sound clip to insert a comment or request a change or query.
  • Send it back to the creator at the touch of a button or ask a registered colleague for advice or assistance.
  • See an audit trail of all previous comments and changes.
  • Compare multiple versions of the same asset side by side to ensure previous requests for change have been completed.
  • Synchronise the views and zoom in on selected parts of the image to ensure accuracy.

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Review and approve.

Multiple systems and email trails are a thing of the past with the ability to annotate, review, approve and reject all type of multimedia files including video, audio, press and online. Select any area of the multimedia to pause and annotate. When played back by the submitter, the video will pause on any comments for review or you can click the time tags on the comments to be taken straight to the areas in question.

All these built-in features.


Using only the best dedicated hosting facilities, the Financial Promotions Compliance Hub complies with all European Guidelines for data management and is hosted on ISO27001 compliant servers.

Intuitive, simple interface

The Financial Promotions Compliance Hub is designed to be simple to use, enabling reviewers to annotate, review, approve or reject at the touch of a button.

Notifications and handover

Manage your notifications to alert you of any changes on an asset or a request for approval. When you are out of the office, choose updates by SMS or select a user to handover your jobs to so the process continues. Once you are back, simply retrieve your workload.


Match the look and feel of the Financial Promotions Compliance Hub to your brand. If you look after multiple manufacturers within a group, you can even switch between brands and products at the touch of a button, refreshing the look and feel and the asset catalogue.

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