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VDP Optimization


Here are our tips to get the best out of your Vehicle Display Pages and boost your site’s SEO! 

Tips & Tricks

Keywords, keywords, keywords

Make sure you include all the important information regarding the brand name, the model name, the year, condition, colour and product type in your description and on your vehicle display pages in order to drum up interest from web searches. Click on any vehicle in your inventory and add a description under ‘Listing description’

Call To Actions

Adding call to actions such as ‘Contact a specialist’ or ‘Finance’ can help create leads and bring in those customers who don’t yet know that you’re the best people to buy from. Make sure to not go too overboard through, you don’t want to overwhelm your visitor and leave them not knowing where to click-on. Too much choice can be a bad thing, we recommend 2 or 3 of the most important CTAs instead. Add or change CTAs by going to your Inventory settings tab and pressing Add new under the List buttons or inventory buttons.

Pictures of your bikes

I’m sure you all know the importance of this one, but your customers want to see your vehicles! There are few things better at securing leads than good quality pictures of products. Make this process easier by downloading our free mobile app from Google Play or the App Store and take photos straight from your phone.

360 images

Help make sure your customer can see every inch of your vehicle and make sure they know they are getting exactly the product they want. Helps develop trust with you and your dealership and gives the customer peace-of-mind knowing you’re not hiding any dents or blemishes. We recommend SpinCar to import images into your inventory.

Contact forms and phone numbers

Don’t lose your leads and make sure they can get in touch with you so you and your experts can seal the deal!

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We all know that optimizing your vehicle display pages can be a time-consuming hassle and writing out keyword heavy descriptions can be a bore, so take away the bother and let our SEO Specialists do the work for you.

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