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What's the greatest part of riding a motorcycle? Riding it to the most awesome places, with the most awesome people.

Camp VC is a Women's only motorcycle weekend ran by the most incredibly creative and empowering women in the motorcycle scene. If you haven't heard about the VC girls then check out this link here: https://www.vclondon.co.uk/ and whilst you're there, make sure you check out the Camp VC site too https://www.campvc.co.uk/. The whole weekend was an absolute blast! First of all we rode all the way from Cheltenham to Treharris in the heart of the Brecon Beacons. It was an extremely wet and miserable journey down the M5, wet arses and extremely chilly toes plagued us for about 45 minutes until we hit the Severn Bridge where we were greeted by a break in the clouds and the Welsh sunshine came beaming down on us (hallelujah).

In a flash, we'd arrived and we were stoked to be there! Good vibes all round, this began as soon as we rode our custom Forty-Eights through the gates and our obnoxiously loud Vance & Hines pipes roared over the hustle and bustle. To have so many women with a shared interest in one place was just amazing, everyone was so welcoming and just as stoked to be there too. We knew our weekend would be a banger!

After whipping off our soggy riding clothes, we headed down to the beginners riding course. We brought a newbie with us, a complete motorcycle virgin… our very own Emma from our customer experience team. In no time she was off doing laps around the beginners course, changing gears and also demonstrating a few "life savers" to dodge the other new riders on the course. We were like proud parents stood at the side of course, of course with a Piston Head Lager in hand. With the lesson out of the way, we soon made our way over to the bar for a few beers and cocktails!


We could have partied hard but we kept it super chilled on the first night as we had a big day the following morning where we had an adventure ride out planned with the rad folks over at Superior Motorcycle Experiences https://www.superiormotorcycleexperiences.com/ which was THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! We cannot rate these guys highly enough, we were actually quite nervous to begin with as both myself and Emily are experienced riders on the road but we've never ventured off of anything other than tarmac! So the idea of taking on wet, muddy and gravelly terrain was terribly exciting but absolutely bloody terrifying for a H-D® Sportster rider that likes their home comforts a little too much… but my god we had the time of our lives! We zipped up to the hillside on Royal Enfield Himalayans, we were lead by a lovely instructor called Emily who showed us the ropes. The whole idea of standing up and controlling the bike was alien to us but we soon got the feel for it and were ready to smash those big puddles! Yes we had burning thighs, yes we had an inch of water in our riding boots, but we didn't care one bit! After a couple of hours of ripping around off-road, we headed back to camp with a new riding experience under our belts and an insatiable hunger for an adventure bike. So a big thanks to the Superior Motorcycle team, we had the best time EVER!

8cc7f8a4213aaa99e18a556c255c8ce2_57a77c6b0d889e35.jpgImages taken by the team at Superior Motorcycle Experiences - Emily up front and Yaz just behind. 


Now for the rest of our day, after our adventure ride - the rest of the day had a tough act to follow but we had another amazing afternoon of riding back out to the hillside, but this time with our Harleys. We definitely didn't take them to the off-road portion of the trail, however we did ride up to a beautiful viewpoint to take some instaworthy pictures, because if it ain't on the gram did it even happen? After our mini photoshoot we headed back to camp again to check out the Camp VC raffle, the Harley-Davidson® tent where they had the latest M21 range available for test riding, they also had the Jumpstart™ too! We went over to the MUC-OFF tent where we entered the jet wash competition (which Emily actually ended up winning! Woohoo!) I highly recommend MUC-OFF cleaning products if you ever get the chance to try them out, head on over to https://muc-off.com to check out their range of products and accessories. They've actually just created the worlds first plastic free bike cleaner https://muc-off.com/pages/punk-powder how cool is that?! We picked up some cleaning supplies and also had our helmets cleaned and freshened up for free! 


We were ready for a few beers at the bar after having the most incredible day, which then gave me some Dutch courage to head on over to the Vans mini ramp to bust out a game of SKATE with the girls from Shanko's Skate School girls. If you are learning how to skate or work on some of your tricks, I cannot recommend these ladies enough! https://shankosskateschool.com/ is the place you can check them out, again this was another experience that put me totally outside of my comfort zone. I'm no athlete, but I'm somewhat of an early 2000's skate rat who is now a hardy veteran that sometimes mills around the local skatepark. The Shanko girls called me over to include me in a game of skate which was a great way to warm up! We then made our way over to the mini ramp for a skate jam, and where I planned on dropping in for the first time in years. The support was UNREAL and very much appreciated as it really gave me a kick up the arse and gave me the confidence to slam that front foot down and drop in! I even won a tonne of goodies for completing my drop-in, I had so much joy in my little heart because of how lush these girls were. What a way to end our last evening, we hit back a few more beers at the bar and headed on over to the main tent where the @thepearlharts were playing an incredible set. 


Then came the last day… it was time to pack up and hit the road! BOOOO! We had the most amazing couple of days though, we just wished it was a little longer because of all the fun we were having. This was our first Camp VC weekend and it certainly won't be our last, it's an experience that will last us lifetime and we cannot wait to relive it all again next year. They had so many awesome activities and ride-outs that we didn't try out this time as we were taking in all of the sights and sounds for our first visit. We knew it was going to be amazing from the get-go but Camp VC… you absolutely rocked our world. Thank you <3


Our Girl Gang consisted of: Emily Bevan - RM58 COO, Yazmyn Lamzouri - RM58 CE Consultant & Emma Grazier - CE Consultant.