James Tookey Technical Director and lover of bubbles

Pete Tripp - Creative Director and retired raver

Chris Hathaway - Product Strategy Director and Cheltenham's answer to Joe Exotic

Alexa Vradi - Customer Experience Manager and make-up guru

Jake Hall - Business Development Consultant and Rob Beckett impersonator 

Yaz Lamzouri - Customer Experience Consultant and master of the kickflip

Jemima Oldman - Customer Experience Consultant and "Belle" of the ball

Emma Grazier - Customer Experience Consultant and WWE fanatic 

Chris Eames - Multimedia Producer, wannabe stuntman & moustache enthusiast

Lucy Jones - Senior Designer and Fasionista

Mark Ballard - Designer, and Room 58's own tea sommelier

Jack Surman - SEO Specialist and all round karate kid

John Theis - Senior Front End Developer and doughnut connoisseur 

Leszek Myrkwa - Junior Front End Developer and master of the stock market

Miro Ivanov - Senior Back End Developer and gym buff

Pert Soomaan - Senior Back End Developer and smasher of drums

Darren Malone - IT Support and tech whizz

Meet the founders

Joanna Jones - Co-Founder (CEO)

I have always had an ambition to set up my own business so in late 2001, that’s exactly what I did. Room 58 is a passionate company looking to push the boundaries. Leading with customer experience we will always ensure that solutions are easy to use and fit for purpose. Global brand protection is my aim. Saving them money is even better!                  

I still endeavour to set up my own charity, along with becoming a motivational speaker, inspiring mothers and women in the business sector.

I have a degree in Economics, International Business, French & German and over 20 years’ experience in marketing. Throughout my career I’ve launched and promoted numerous brands across the world.

Martin Jones - Co-Founder (CCO)

Together with my wife Jo, we are passionate about creating a software and creative agency that’s different from others. We care, we get to know the customer and understand their problems by walking a mile in their shoes. We take the time to listen and ensure we fully understand our customers’ requirements.

To me Room 58 is a team who are equally driven to and are passionate about delivering amazing work. We’re always striving for creative/technical perfection. Delivering better, more innovative outcomes for our clients.

I love what I do and over the years I have done this for a number of recognised marques. I have spearheaded technology development, marketing delivery platforms and brand guardianship solutions for a range of globally recognised brands including my favourite Harley-Davidson®.


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