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Ep. 1 Hot Tips

You're probably wondering "what is hot tips" and "why are they putting themselves through this pain?". Well, there's a very good reason for this, as a team of creatives we aim to deliver the same high standard of social media content as we do with our service and level of support with our clients. We also want to give our clients every opportunity to engage with us and get a true feeling for what makes us different.

So with that in mind, we thought let's take the concept of combining our love for food and fuse that with a challenge inspired video about our mBWS platform.

Taking inspiration from the awesome "hot ones" youtube sensation where celebrities sit down with the host and sample incredibly hot sauces whilst answering questions and talk about certain topics, we thought that this would work well with our most commonly asked questions asked by our dealers.

We have an "all singing, all dancing" multimedia studio here in the office so why not put this to good use and have some fun and get cracking with some wicked content to "spice up our socials" *excuse the pun*.

So take a look at our very first episode, so far it has had a great response and we're very excited to keep more coming your way! Our key focus was to obviously deliver important and useful tips, but we also wanted to make sure that we keep things light hearted and engaging.

Something else which we decided to focus on in the first episode was to try the best local hot sauce that we could find, there was only ever going to be one brand that would hit the right spot and that's Tubby Toms range of incredible hot sauces. We'd love to spread the love, so if you're interested in checking his sauces out then follow the links below.


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